How to report the problem?

The problems of computers or networks may involve many factors, such as the software versions, settings, hardware, network locations, and so on. If you can provide the more detailed information, it is helpful to deal with the problem. Some recommended information is listed below.

  1. Who
    • The email address (or telephone number) of the problem reporter.
  2. When
    • The time of occurrence. Does the problem happen accidentally, regularly, or constantly?
  3. Where
    • The IP address of the computer with problem and the destination it is likely to get connected to (URL, IP address or domain name).
  4. How
    • How did the problem happen? Record the operating process, the version of the software name used, and so on. If your problem is about account, please provide the account name but don't provide your password to avoid information security issues.
  5. What
    • What message did you see? You’d better capture the screen before or after the problem happened. You can also copy the entire message text. To avoid the difficulty on identifying problem, please do not trim the entire message if possible.
    • To identify the mail problem, the mail header, which recorded the delivery process of the letter, is required sometimes.

Lastly, please remove (or hide) your privacy or password from the previous information before you send it to us. We will reply you as soon as possible. Thank you for your help!

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