Wired Network Services

1.Nanda Campus:All general computers are assigned with dynamic IPs, except for servers and special purpose computers, for accessing the Internet by obtaining an IP automatically.

  • Network access of equipment other than servers (e.g. WEB, FTP), site hosting and printing devices, will be provided in DHCP.
  • If you encounter any issue concerning network access or you need to apply for a static IP, simply contact Nanda Campus, School Administration System & Network Management Division (ext. 76409).

2.Account application:login “Academic Information Systems”⇒Computer and Communication Center Services⇒Nanda Campus Wired Network Apply

3.As the system utilize web authentication , you can access the Internet once the authentication is completed (similar to the authentication method of the school wireless network). When your computer is started, launch the Edge browser (or other browsers) and connect to any website first. You will be directed to the authentication page automatically. After the authentication is completed, wait 15 seconds and you can access the Internet on your computer.