Information and Communication Security Report

  • Mailbox for information and communication security reports
    • The contact email and hotline for reporting information security incidents at our school are: and (03)573-1225.
    • If you need to report a information security incident, please fill out the Information Security Incident Report Form ods xisx and send it to
  • If an information security incident occurs in each unit, the incident can be confirmed first. After it is confirmed to be an information security incident, please provide the “Notification part” Information to the Computer and Communication Center within 1 hour. Then complete the response operations within the time limit according to the level of the information security incident, and provide the “Response part” information.
    • Information Security Incident Report Form ods xisx can be divided into “Notification part” and “ Response part ” information.
    • o Response operation time: “1” and “2” level incidents need to be completed within 72 hours. “3” and “4” level events must be completed within 36 hours.