About Us

Campus External Optical Fiber Network

The high-performance core routing constructed by our group can support the user on our campus a direct and quick communication to other networks, such as Taiwan Academic Network (TANet)、TaiWan Advanced Research and Education Network (TWAREN)、Academia Sinica (SINICA)、Chunghwa Telecom (HiNet)、Asia Pacific Telecom、Taiwan Fixed Network and National Chiao Tung University, etc. Moreover, to directly connect to other national or regional networks and to improve data transmission rates, our own international circuit for going abroad has been devised.

Campus Optical Fiber Backbone Network

Attributed to the campus optical fiber backbone network infrastructure consists of exchange among four high speed routers with 10G bps, all users on this campus can enjoy high-speed and convenient access for the Internet.

The Internet Services provides access to NTHU Email system and various services such as SSL-VPN, DNS, SMTP, Web proxy, FTP, WWW, and mailing list. The Email system offers spam and virus filtering, webmail and email backup and this service is eligible for faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

To minimize the number of steps such as hardware purchasing or testing used to set up web servers of different administrations, the Division of Network Systems adopts the technology Network Virtualization. Network Virtualization is an architectural approach to securely service different administrations on a common infrastructure with shared services and shared security devices. Virtualization of the network provides multiple solutions for centralizing services and information technology (IT) while preserving the high-availability, manageability, security, and scalability benefits of the existing campus design.

It is our responsibility to provide advanced network security to protect our students, faculty, and staff from internal and external threats inherent like junk mail, copyright infringement and hacking in network usage. The Automated system for defending against viruses that attack through the internet developed by the Division of Network System is installed to tighten the security.

All NTHU students who live in the dormitory can apply for using DormNet. Every dormitory building is connected to the DormNet which contains 7200 ports and 43 IP segments. Users can inquire about their network status anytime via the Internet. If users have any maintenance problem, staff assistance is available upon request. Moreover, the Dormitory Internet Application System has been implemented to ensure effective management of the DormNet.

To ensure continuity of services for core functions-research, education, and administration processes, the Spare Aid System with Double-loop Optimal Fiber is implemented to support the connection of Administration Building Network to the Campus Backbone Network. In addition, the Administration Building Network Management System is installed for IP address lookup and further search.

Campus wireless LAN is provided for our school’s faculty, employees, and students’ research use. Users can use their own accounts and passwords to have access to the wireless network both in NTHU and other campuses through the WLAN Roaming Center. The Computer & Communication Center Wireless Network Management System has been implemented to ensure no abuse of this service and effective management. In addition, to provide a fair equitable wireless network access for guests, the Guest’s Wireless Account Management System is implemented.

In our school, we give access to traditional extensions and HiNet connection which progresses external interfacing and free extension communication within University System of Taiwan. In addition, we support campus access control system, voice result announcement system, elevator emergency system in every building and the transmission infrastructure services of fire emergency system. Our advanced construction of VoIP consists of not only the TANet VoIP Exchange Center for interscholastic free calls but the system for the calls from Skype to extensions. Recently, moreover, we support NTHU Smart Operator in order to provide a quick and convenient telephone service.