How to apply for the NTHU Dormitory Internet?

Application description:

  1. NTHU students who live in dormitories could apply for the dormitory network.
  2. The dormitory network service is for the use of our school's residents and fall within the scope of on-campus. Therefore, the dormitory network management system will be restricted to the school's internal network using to reduce potential external network risks.
  3. The applicant must have an E-mail account or a dormitory network account.
  4. Hardware Requirement:
    1. Computer
    2. Network Interface card (RJ-45 connector)
    3. UTP network cable (not cross-over)
  5. Online Application:
    1. After Submitting for the application, System processing time: At 10:00 and 16:00(unless otherwise announced).

Dormnet Application flowchart: IP Only