Apply for NTHU student email account

A NTHU student can apply for her/his NTHU student email account via Academic Information Systems (AIS). The procedures list below:

  1. Enter your AIS password.

  2. Select “Computer and Communication Center Services” first, and then “Division of Network Systems”.
  3. Click the URL “Division of Network Systems” on the right frame, and then your browser will be redirected to the service portal of Division of Network Systems
    • * If the following message appears, it means that the URL is expired due to over the valid period of 2 minutes after its generation. Please click the “Division of Network Systems” on the left menu (or login AIS again) to generate another valid URL.
  1. Click “New Email Account” of the left menu.

  1. Read 「Network Usage Policy」 first, and then click option “Accept and Continue.”

  2. Read 「Terms of Use for Email Accounts」,and then click option “Accept and Continue.”

  3. Check the data and fill the fields of “NEW PASSWORD” and “CONFIRM” for setting your password.
  4. Click “Apply” and then your new email account will work in 10 minutes if no error occurs.