Dormitory Network Application Process

Description: The following example is based on Internet Explorer 11!

  • Please read carefully and abide by the regulations, then click “Accept”.
  • Fill in all the blanks.
  • Please select “Add” for new application.
  • If you need to change the dormitory or room after successful application, please select “Update”.
  • If you want to turn off your dormitory network or no longer in use, please select “Delete”.
  • Do not fill in the following example!
  • This page will shown after you press the “Submit” button, please apply the TCP/IP settings to your network config.
  • Although this information will be emailed to you, but still recommended that you take a picture on the spot with your mobile phone.
  • The service is available for use after 10 am and 4 pm every day when system processing is complete.
  • Before the system processing complete, there won't be any network transmission or electronic signals through the network port.