Changing Campus Wireless LAN Account Password

There are currently two methods for changing the password for a Campus Wireless LAN Account. The applicant can choose one of the two, depending on their situation:

  1. Setting a new password through the Academic Information System: All faculty, staff and students who can log in to the Academic Information System, can change the password of their Wireless LAN Account. (Description)
  2. Setting a new password using the Wireless LAN Account password: If you have not forgotten the Wireless LAN Account password, Reset password may be used. (NTHU IP only)
  3. Written application: Download and fill in the “Application Form for Campus Wireless LAN Accounts for Faculty, Staff and Students”, and go to the service desk on the second floor of the Computer & Communication Center to process the application. It will take about three working days after delivery.

Once changes have been made through the method above, the account password will be activated within 10 minutes. Please see checking the status of your account and password to ensure that your account is activated or to check other relevant information.