Installation and Use Instructions of Pulse Secure on PC

Pulse Secure 9.1 Manually Download & Setup(2019/08/02)

Download Pulse Secure 9.1

Setup Pulse Secure 9.1

  • Step1: Check installation version
    1. If Pulse Secure has not yet installed on your computer, please jump to Step3.
    2. Otherwise, run the Pulse Secure and click 〔Help〕→〔About〕to view the version. If the version is older than '9.1.1', continue to Step2.

View Version

  • Step2: Uninstall the previous installed Pulse Secure version and its related program. Take Windows for example:
    1. Open 〔Control Panel〕→〔Programs and Features〕
    2. Select Pulse Secure related software.
    3. Click 〔Uninstall〕.

Uninstall Pulse Secure 5.3

  • Step3: Open the downloaded Pulse Secure 9.1 setup file and install it by the following steps.

Setup 1

  • Step4: Run the Pulse Secure and click 〔Help〕→〔About〕to confirm that the version is '9.1'. (Same steps shown in Step1(2))

  • Step5: Before connecting SSL VPN, the following configurations might be requested.
    1. Click 〔 + 〕 button, enter “” in the fields of 〔Name〕 and 〔Server URL〕.
    2. Click 〔connect〕.

Run Pulse Secure

  • Step6: For authentication, enter campus wireless LAN account and password.


  • Step7: Verify the Pulse Secure is running successfully by checking the status of Pulse Secure process in the right bottom of the screen.

Check Pulse Secure Status

  • Step8: View the connection information of SSL VPN.

Connection information of SSL VPN

  • Step9: To run Pulse Secure again, follow the authentication steps shown in Step5 ~ Step6