New function :the notice letter sent when the amount of download data from personal website is too much

Since June, for the personal website using an e-mail account provided by our division, if its data amount or download frequency by others is too much, a notification mail containing the statistics of webpage download of the day the will be sent to the user for his/her reference. The user is also reminded to pay attention of the relevant rules.

Yours faithfully
Computer and Communication Center
Division of Network Systems

The notice letter format as shown below:

Subject: {Notice} the amount of download data from your website is 
         too much! (20xx-xx-xx)

Dear sir/madam

  Due to a large amount of data downloaded or a high download frequency 
from your website, this notification mail is automatically sent by the 
system to inform you of this (Note 1). 

Nowadays, due to the fast growth of search engines over the Internet, 
spreading controversial information may be reported or charged. To avoid 
getting into trouble, you are strongly recommended to ensure the legality of 
all information in your website. Please read the instructions on the following 

  Please follow the following rules when creating your own website 
1. All the information linked in your website can be downloaded by public.
2. Do not upload, spread or share any files that violate the copyright law 
   in your website.
3. Any commercial activities in your website to make profit are prohibited.
4. Please follow “Regulations of using Internet in National Tsing Hua  University 
   campus” and the relevant rules.

====== The statistic of downloads of personal website ======
    Address of the website:
 Flow:x.xx GiB (Note 2)
 Download times:x,xxx
The link downloaded:
  ~user/xxx.xx (Times: N, flow X GiB)
  ~user/yyy.yy (Times: N, flow X GiB)
  ~user/zzz.zz (Times: N, flow X GiB)

Note 1: this mail is sent automatically by the system, please do not reply.  
Note 2: One giga bytes means 230 bytes, and one mega bytes means 220 bytes.  

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