National Tsing Hua University Computer & Communication Center Regulations for Using Campus Wireless LAN

July 14, 2005 passed by the meeting of Division of Network System, C.C.C.

  1. Campus wireless LAN is provided for our school’s faculty, employees, and students’ research use. In order to clearly state users’ rights and obligations, these regulations were set up.
  2. All those who possess the following identity in our school may apply to C.C.C.. The application procedure shall follow the regulations stated in the application form.
    1. Formal units of level two or above (approved by school’s organization rules)
    2. Faculty and employees (approved by Office of Personnel):Each person can apply for only one account.
    3. In-school students (approved by Office of Academic Affairs):Each person can apply for only one account.
  3. When the user has lost the identity possessed in the application ( ex. leaving office or leaving school), C.C.C. may Void the account without user’s permission.
  4. When a user needs to change any of his user information which was filled up at the application, he should notify C.C.C. as soon as possible.
  5. Users should abide by the following items, If there is anything violating them, C.C.C. may suspend his/her right of use, and may submit it to the school’s related authority for disposing, depending on the situation.
    1. Campus Network Users’ Regulations of NTHU
    2. Abused Network Information’s Disposing Rules of NTHU
    3. Regulations and measures announced by C.C.C.
    4. Managing personal computers properly, making good protections against virus infections.
    5. Never hindering others’ right of use.
    6. Respect for intellectual property rights. Never infringing intellectual property rights.
    7. Behaviors of violating the law or hurting school’s reputation are strictly prohibited.
    8. Never using others’ account or transferring the account to others.
  6. The user whose account has been suspended by C.C.C. may re-apply for resumption after the period of suspension has expired.
  7. To users who have bad records, C.C.C. may have the right of refusing to serve.
  8. These regulations have been passed by the meeting of Division of Network Systems, C.C.C. and put into practice. It shall follow the same manner when they are to be revised.

*Note: The English version herein is a translation of the original articles in Chinese, and the original in Chinese shall prevail in the event of any difference existing between both versions.