Faculty and Staff Email Accounts@mx.nthu.edu.tw

  • Be on the watch for scams. Do not give your email password to anyone!
  • {{wiki:notice.png}}Remind the personal webpage users of that please carefully evaluate the placement of informationFor detail see this.
List of Functions and Settings for Faculty and Staff Email Accounts
Item Description
Email expiration date After applying, the email service is, in principle, provided long term.
Disk quota 150 GB per person, increased in the future if additional storage is purchased.
Change password Please go to 「Change Password for Faculty, Staff, or Unit」on http://net.nthu.edu.tw/ to change your password online. ( If you forgot your password, you can reset it through the Academic Information System.)
Mail size 50MB for each mail.
1. After encoding (in Base64, Quoted-printable ), the size of the mail will increase 1.3 to 4 times from its original size. Mail too large is usually denied by most mail servers.
2. We recommend exchanging larger data via other online methods.
Incoming mail settings (POP3/IMAP) POP3/IMAP Server:mx.nthu.edu.tw,Account:username
(pop3 port:110, pop3s port: 995, imap port:143, imaps port: 993)
1. To maintain normal operations of the POP3 server, please set remote mail fetching frequency to no less than 10 minutes between fetches, or no more than 144 times a day.
2. To avoid unexpected problems, please do not set multiple computers (lab, office, home) to simultaneously fetch or delete mails.
On-campus outgoing mail settings(SMTP) SMTP Sever:smtp.net.nthu.edu.tw (SMTP port:25 supports STARTTLS)
1. For use only by IP addresses with a domain name registered with the University. For domain name registration, please contact the network administrator of your department.
2. When off-campus, please use SMTP services provided by the ISP, send email using SMTP authentication, or use webmail.
SMTP authentication SMTP AUTH server:smtpauth.net.nthu.edu.tw (SMTP port:25 or 587 supports STARTTLS; SMTPS port 465)
Account:username@mx.nthu.edu.tw(please use a complete email address)
1. This can be used on or off campus. SSL is also supported.
2. The speed with which mail is sent is dependent upon the size of the mail and the network bandwidth of the ISP.
Anti-spam and temporary mail storage Mail Reporterhttps://mr.net.nthu.edu.tw/
Account:username@mx.nthu.edu.tw(please use a complete email address)
1. Set customized whitelist and blacklist.
2. Provide temporary backup storage for all emails sent within two years, including valid mail and spam. The user may use the Mail Reporter interface to search for and resend emails that have been deleted from their personal email account.
Webmail Webmail URL:https://mx-mail.nthu.edu.tw/
Homepage {{wiki:notice.png}}Remind the personal webpage users of that please carefully evaluate the placement of informationFor detail see this.
Homepage URL:http://mx.nthu.edu.tw/~username/
Please upload your website data by FTP to the www folder under your personal directory.
FTP FTP Server:mx.nthu.edu.tw Account:username (ftp port:21;Supports STARTTLS)
Please use passive mode to avoid being blocked by a firewall. Using FTP with explicit TLS is recommended as it is more secure.
Center service email:service@cc.nthu.edu.tw,phone:31000