Dorm Network User's Regulations of NTHU

August 31, 2004 passed by the meeting of Division of Network Systems, Computer and Communication Center

  1. Dorm network (DormNet) is provided for our school’s students who live in the dorm to be engaged in academic activities. In order to maintain DormNet’s usage order, these regulations were set up according to “Regulations of Campus Network Usage”.
  2. All our school’s students who live in the dorm of our school may apply for using DormNet.
  3. The usage of DormNet is to be applied per one academic year. For summer vacation period it has to be applied separately.
  4. DormNet provides each user with one information jack (Ethernet RJ-45 interface).
  5. It has to be according to “Dorm Network Management Rules” to pay for using DormNet. If an user quits using or is suspended to use DorNet, the charges will not be reimbursed.
  6. DormNet users have to abide by the following items. If violation happens, C.C.C. may suspend his or her right of use and may submit the case to Office of Academic Affairs or related units for disposal depending on the severeness of the case.
    1. Campus Network Users’ Regulations of NTHU
    2. Abused Network Information’s Disposing rules of NTHU
    3. Dorm Network’s Management Rules of NTHU
    4. Managing personal computers properly, making good protections against virus infections.
    5. Never hindering others’ right of use.
    6. Transmitting data of infringing intellectual property right through DormNet is strictly prohibited. Ex., audio/video media and computer software which are protected by law.
    7. Connecting of adapter equipment for others’ usage without permission is not allowed.
  7. These regulations are passed by the meeting of Division of Network Systems, C.C.C. and put into practice. It shall follow the same manner when they are to be revised.

*Note: The English version herein is a translation of the original articles in Chinese, and the original in Chinese shall prevail in the event of any difference existing between both versions.