Installation instructions for FTP software

  • The full name of FTP is File Transfer Protocol, a protocol mainly for file transfer. FTP is among the most used items among academic internet resources.
  • You are recommended to use the free software of FTP: FileZilla3.2.0 Official website downloading page

Step 1

  1. select the “install.exe” and run it

Step 2

  1. After reading the License Agreement, select “I Agree” to go to the next step. You can also select “Cancel” to cancel the installation as shown below.

Step 3

  1. If your computer is only for personal use, select “next” to go to the next step. If it is shared by multiple persons, you should select “Only for me.”
  2. If you complete the above selection, please click on “Next>” to continue as shown below.

Step 4

  1. You can simply choose Default Installation. Please click on “next” to continue as shown below.

Step 5

  1. Select “Browse” to select the folder you would like to install it in. You can simply choose to use the default setting.
  2. After selecting the installation location, click ”Next>” to continue as shown below.

Step 6

  1. Select “Start Menu Folder”, then click on “install” as shown below.

Step 7

  1. Complete the installation, click on “Finish”. Then start using FileZilla as shown below.