How do I access WiFi during inter-school roaming?

  1. When NTHU teachers and students are roaming off campus, please add after the account name. For example, if the account name is u940001, the format of the account is
  2. Common names of wireless access points (SSID) when roaming
    • TANetRoaming:Use Web-based authentication.
    • eduroam:Use 802.1x authentication.
  3. When users access the WiFi of a school they are visiting, users should directly consult the school's WiFi management unit (such as the computer center) if they encounter any issues.
  4. Please use the “ Cross-Campus Roaming Status” to check the status of NTHU's WiFi roaming status.
  5. For information on inter-school roaming, please refer to the Ministry of Education's TANet's Taiwan Academic Network Roaming Center.