Why can't I get an IP address or export the authentication page when accessing campus WiFi?

  1. Connect to an access point with a name you recognize. In other words, one whose SSID begins with “nthu-” and the authentication method is Web authentication to obtain an IP address before authentication.
    Using public areas on campus as an example, the SSID of the WiFi authentication is nthu-cc. If you have confirmed that the SSID is correct and the authentication page does not appear, you can manually open any browser (such as Internet Explorer) and connect to any website, then the authentication page should correctly appear. If the method above does not work, it is recommended that you manually disable your wireless network function and re-enable it. This should resolve the issue of being unable to complete authentication due to a long idle state.
  2. This may be due to the area where you are accessing WiFi not having an access point (AP) or the signal is too weak.
    Before connecting, check if the area is within range of campus WiFi. For more information, please refer to Three-Step Setup for WiFi Access.
  3. The user's mobile device (e.g., PC) is configured to use a static IP.
    Since the automatically assigned IP address cannot be obtained, the authentication page cannot be correctly displayed. The solution is to change the wireless network settings to “Automatically obtain an IP address”.
  4. The mobile device (such as PC) cannot obtain an available IP address.
    This may be due to too many mobile devices in the area and insufficient number of IP addresses. This will also result in the authentication page not correctly being displayed. It is recommended that you consult the network administrator of the area. For more information, please refer to the Wireless LAN Account Service Scope.
  5. Mobile devices (such as personal computers) do not have wireless Internet access (such as a wireless network card) or the feature does not function properly.
    It is recommended to consult professional information personnel for relevant testing and confirmation.