(*is required)
Part 1

Field Example
IP address:
Internet site (web-url): https://www.xxx.edu.tw/cba.index
Equipment brand, model: ASUS TS100 E6
Acer AT110 F1
Operating system name, version: Centos Linux 5.4
Windows XP SP2
hacked application (name / version): sendmail server (An example of an indefinite version)
Antivirus software (name / version): Avira
Firewall (name / version): iptables (This is an example of version indeterminate)
IPS / IDS (name / version ): snort 2.8.3
other (name / version):
the extent of damage:
Incident and Disposition Instructions:
may affect the range and damage assessment:

Part 2

Field Example
solution : Filling computer)