National Tsing Hua University Network Usage Policy

Approved on May 23, 2002 by the Committee of Computer & Communication Center

  1. This document constitutes a campus-wide policy intended to allow for the proper use of all National Tsing-Hua University computing and network resources, effective protection of individual users, equitable access, and proper management of those resources. The document is based on “Campus Network Usage Policy, Ministry of Education (MOECC)”.
  2. To cope with the problems derived from network usage, “Campus Computer Communication Association, NTHU” is responsible of the following tasks:
    1. To assist the university to deal with related law issues.
    2. Take appropriate actions to maintain network security.
    3. Publicize the related regulations of network usage, provide guidance of network resources proper usage, and emphasize the etiquette and related law of the Internet.
    4. Other affairs about the campus network.
  3. The user of the Internet should respect others’ intellectual property
    1. Use of unauthorized computer programs.
    2. Illegally downloading and copying works protected by Copyright Law.
    3. Uploading protected works to public networks without explicit permission of the owner.
    4. Retransmitting articles that authors forbid copying from BBS or other discussion boards.
    5. Setting up websites for the public to illegally download works protected by copyrights.
    6. Other behaviors which may involve the violation of intellectual property rights.
  4. Forbid the improper usage of the network system, the following shall constitute improper usage:
    1. Disrupt others’ computer systems or network equipment by any means.
    2. Intentionally using the computer to invade the identity, password or analogous protection of privacy. Exploiting the weakness of the computer system to access computers or equipment which one does not have a legal right to do so.
    3. Individual users should not look at, copy, alter, or destroy anyone else's documents or files without permission to do so.
    4. Abuse network resources, including sending “junk mails,” chain letters, or otherwise flooding the network with huge volumes of unsolicited packets to affect the regular function of the system.
    5. Intentionally using emails, instant messages, BBS, web pages or otherwise relative methods to annoy, harass, terrify, intimidate, threaten, offend, or bother another person by conveying obscene language, pictures, or other illegal materials or threats of bodily harm to the recipient.
    6. Selling, providing, or manufacturing illegal materials by University’s network resources.
    7. Forging or otherwise misrepresenting another user’s identity through any form of communication.
    8. Account transferal or give away others’ account/password.
    9. Use campus network resources for non-academic research purpose or illegal behavior.
  5. In order to introduce the regulations, computer & communication center is in charge of the following aspects:
    1. Help network users to construct self-control mechanism.
    2. Do proper network flow separation and management.
    3. For the user who violates this rule or affects normal operation of network, his/her service would be suspended.
    4. For each Bulletin Board System (BBS) and website, there should be an administrator responsible of management and maintenance. The administrator has the right to delete user’s article or suspend his/her use if the user violated user’s rules. If the user violated campus regulation or law, related campus administrative office would take in charge.
    5. Other affairs related to campus network administration.
  6. Campus administrative office should respect network users’ privacy. It’s not allowed to view users’ personal data or infringe upon user privacy, but not to subject to the restrictions under these circumstances:
    1. To preserve or check system security.
    2. To obtain evidence or investigate improper behavior when it is suspected that the user violates the campus regulation.
    3. To cooperate with the investigation of the judiciary.
    4. Other purposes according to law.
  7. Network users who violated the regulations would be punished as below:
    1. Termination of access to campus network privileges.
    2. University disciplinary action.
      Criminal prosecutions (in the violation of civil law, criminal law, copyright law or other related laws and regulations), Network Service personnel will face heavier penalties for their deliberately violating.
  8. Any sections or precautionary measures imposed on network users who violate the regulation or on ordinary users respectively should be in accordance with legality, necessity and proportionality principle.
  9. Any objection toward the disciplinary action, please file an opposition to the committee of computer and communication center, NTHU.
  10. Above regulations are approved and adopted by the committee of computer and communication center, NTHU.

*Note: The English version herein is a translation of the original articles in Chinese, and the original in Chinese shall prevail in the event of any difference existing between both versions.