What should I do If My Dorm Net Suddenly Offline?

Possible cause:

  1. Infringe upon intellectual property rights or attack the campus network cause the computer’s IP banned(IP Status Inqiury)
  2. Violation of the Dormitory Network Usage Policy cause the usage right disabled by the manager(Disable Inqiury)
  3. Equipment abnormal(User Port Status Inquiry)

If student have any problem with the dorm net, please use another network port to perform cross test to make sure where the problem is.

  1. Use your computer which cannot access to the Internet connect to another network and set to another IP to check whether the problem is on your personal computer.
  2. Use another computer which is able to access the Internet connect to your network and set to your IP to check whether the problem is on your network port.

※Make sure the Ethernet cable between network port and computer is normal.

If the「Network port」is damaged, Please contact Email:dorms@cc.nthu.edu.tw or Campus Ext.31178 for repair.