Will the System Manager Request User to Provide Mailbox Password?

  1. Please note that the system manager will not require users to provide the password, even if you see the message issued by the center (sender forgery is fairly easy, and no absolute way to prevent), so do not provide your password to anybody!
  2. Often the user receives the letter lied that they are the system manager of the center, ask the user to provide mailbox password and account. Intruder then use the defrauded account to dispatch of a large number of spam scam letters, not only cause the user's own problems (a lot of bounce), and even the school's reputation damaged (listed in the black list of primary server around the world, for example: hotmail, AOL, yahoo, etc).
  3. If your password has been defrauded, change the password immediately.
  4. If you judge it’s a scam letter, can be disregarded; if you still have questions, please call directly to the relevant officer or unit verification, phone numbers must satisfy themselves by inspection, do not use the phone number provided by mail. The center services telephone 31000.