Installation and Use of Pulse Secure for PC

  • Step1: Take Chrome for example, connect to
  • Step2: Enter campus wireless LAN account and password,, then login.

Login Page

  • Step3: Click “Start”.

Start to run

  • Step4: Click “Download" to get insatllation package of Pulse Secure.


  • Step5: Open the download package.

Open the download package

  • Step6: Click “Run” to start installtion progress.

Start installtion progress

  • Step7: Installation success.

Installation success

  • Step8: Click “Here” to run Pulse Secure program.

Click "Here"

  • Step9: Pulse Secure is initailizing.

Pulse Secure is initailizing

  • Step10: Check the running process of Pulse Secure on PC.

Check Pulse Secure

  • Step11: View the connection information of SSL VPN。

Connection information of SSL VPN

  • Step12: Pulse Secure has been installed into PC for the first time, it can be run again directly on PC, and the SSL VPN will be established after completing the authentication.Click Pulse Secure on PC

Start VPN connection after completing the authentication

If you're having the Pulse Secure installation has failed, or you fail to install Pulse Secure according to the above guide, please download the Pulse Secure setup file for each platform, and install it mannually. Manual installation is similar to above Installation Guide Step6 ~ Step12.