National Tsing Hua University Computer & Communication Center Charging Policy for Campus Network 

          Dec 28, 2005 passed by Committee of Computer and Communication

  1. In order to make use of the Campus network’s resources effectively and to conform with the spirit of paying for use, these rules were set up.
  2. The charge for our school’s teaching, research unit is to be calculated by circuit bandwidth and number of people of the unit. For those units not belonging to our school they are to be calculated only by circuit bandwidth.
  3. Charging according to circuit bandwidth:
    1. Single circuit:
      1. Our school’s teaching or research unit:
        1. 10 Mbps: NT$4,500/month
        2. 100 Mbps: NT$10,000/month
        3. 1000 Mbps: NT$30,000/month
      2. Unit not belonging to our school:
        1. 10 Mbps: NT$9,000/month
        2. 100 Mbps: NT$20,000/month
        3. 1000 Mbps: NT$60,000/month
    2. Two or more circuits:
      When renting two or more circuits sorted by bandwidth from big to small, the first circuit will be charged 100% of the original rate; the second circuit be charged 50%; the third and above be charged 30%.
    3. If between two adjacent buildings there are directly connected with spared multimode fiber optic circuits (no in-between relaying facilities) which are available, the units in need may apply to C.C.C. for renting. The rent of every two lines of multimode fiber optic circuits will be NT$1,000/month.
    4. Each renting unit shall pay the due annual rent of bandwidth in full at a time to C.C.C. before January 31 of next year.
  4. Charging according to the number of people of the unit (limited to this school’s teaching or research units):
    1. Calculation criteria:
      1. The number of people (including faculty, employees, and students) will be calculated according to school’s record in January of the year of rent paying.
      2. The due amount for each person of the user unit is NT$80/year.
    2. Payment
      C.C.C. will render the total due amount of all user units in our school before each year’s January 31 and request our school to disburse.   
  5. These rules have been passed by Committee of Computer and Communication, ratified by the president and put into practice. It shall follow the same manner when they are to be revised.