Please Respect Intellectual Property Rights

  1. Student dormitory network provides service for boarders to do activities related to academic researches through campus network.
  2. Data transfer that infringes upon intellectual property rights through campus network is a serious act against “NTHU Network Usage Policy”.
  3. Recently, P2P (Peer-to-Peer) software has become popular,such as:eDonkey, eMule, BitTorrent etc. When downloading a digital data unit, the downloader also becomes a provider of the data. Please fully understand this characteristic.
  4. Do not use P2P software to transfer data that infringe upon intellectual property rights, including protected audio/video files and computer software. If a prosecution is received and verified, the user will be immediately punished: suspend his/her use of dormitory network. The suspension period would last until 30 days after finishing an educational talk of network usage at General Service Center.
  5. Article 91 of the Copyright Act thereof amended and promulgated on 1 September 2004. “A person who distributes or with intent to distribute publicly displays or possesses a copy knowing that it infringes on economic rights shall be imprisoned not more than three years and, in addition thereto, may be fined not more than seven hundred and fifty thousand New Taiwan Dollars.
  6. To assure the rights and interests of using student dormitory network, please respect intellectual property rights; make proper use of academic network resource. Do not infringe upon other’s intellectual property rights, thanks for your support and cooperation!)