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Date Label Title
2019/11/06 campus 【Cyberattack Warning】 Lemon_Duck PowerShell malware cryptojacks enterprise networks {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/11/06 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 New Chrome 0-day Bug Under Active Attacks – Update Your Browser Now! {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/11/04 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 North Korean Trojan: HOPLIGHT {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/30 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Malicious audio file attacks, please be alerted {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/24 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Brute-force attacks on Microsoft Office 365 for enterprise accounts from Malicious IPs, please be alerted {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/18 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Security updates available for Adobe Acrobat and Reader {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/16 Service TWAREN SSL-VPN service maintenance on 10/24 {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/03 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 New Critical Exim Flaw Exposes Email Servers to Remote Attacks {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/10/02 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Academics received security notification containing phishing emails, please be alerted {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/30 Service DDNS service of CCC was introduced into NCHC remote backup {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/20 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Remote Desktop Services Remote Code Execution Vulnerability {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/12 Service Temporary interruption on wireless network service (Including wireless network authentication & TWAREN SSL VPN authentication) at 9:00 - 10:00 on Fri, Sep 20 {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/12 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 Exim before 4.92.2 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code as root via a trailing backslash {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/11 campus 【Security Sulnerability Warning】 North Korean Trojan: BADCALL {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/09/02 Service added a domain alias {{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/08/23 Service Network maintenance review for Student Dormitory in 108 Semester(2019/08/27~08/29) {{wiki:notice.png}}
2019/08/21 Service Application for student dormitory network in 108 Semester from 10:00am on Tuesday 27th August, 2019.{{wiki:new.png}} {{wiki:notice.png}}