How Do I Use SSL VPN Service in Webpage Mode?

Communication ports (such as ipsec-nat-t) used by the SSL VPN connection software may be blocked by companies or areas that have more strict restrictions on network usage; if these areas have unblocked https ports, then you may use SSL VPN in webpage mode to use web services (such as accessing webpages or webmail). However, this may not work for more complex webpage services (e.g., YouTube has been tested and does not work). The method is detailed below:

  1. Log into the system
  2. Open a page in a new window
  3. Connect to NTHU homepage via SSL VPN. Note that the URL begins with。
  4. If you wish to connect to other URLs through SSL VPN, you only have to change a part of the text. The picture below illustrates how to connect to
  5. Make sure the URL begins with “ ” to keep SSL VPN connection alive.