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  • Ext. 31000
Name Affairs Ext. E-Mail
Jerry Chou Chief of network system division 31048 jchou :AT: cs.nthu.edu.tw
Wen-Jheng Chou Deputy Chief 31122 wjchou :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Wen-Cheng Chen Maintenance of campus network,
administration building network,
dormitory network,
wireless network and
telephone system
Internet services
Network security
31133 wcchen :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Mu-Cheng Hsieh 31106 mucheng :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Cheng-Wei Tu 31105 cw_tu :AT: mx.nthu.edu.tw
Yi-Shuo Chen 31234 yschen :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Chih-Syue Lai 31084 cslai :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Ping-Tzu Lin 31235 ptlin :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Yu-Cheng Shih 31134 yucshih :AT: mx.nthu.edu.tw
Lung-Sheng Chiou 31093 lschiu :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Ting-Chao Lee 31225 tingchao :AT: mx.nthu.edu.tw
Wei-Kuo Lin 31233 weikuo :AT: mx.nthu.edu.tw
Su-Chuan Chang 31096 sujchang :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Fang-Mei Liu 31136 fmliu :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
Mi-Lun Chu 31135 mlchu :AT: cc.nthu.edu.tw
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