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Instruction for installation of web editor software

:!: To avoid being illegal, you are reminded to notice the relevant laws of copyright when creating your webpage.

  • The filename of homepage is index.html
  • The free open-source web editor software Nvu is recommended. It is suitable for beginners as it turns many HTML commands into buttons.Nvu Dowanload site
  • Only one free software is provided for your use here. You can also use other software and upload the edited page to the FTP Site.

Step 1

  1. Run the Nvu.exe to start the installation.

Step 2

  1. Choose the language of the installation and click on “Confirm”.

Step 3

  1. Click on “Next step>”

Step 4

  1. After you read the authorization agreement, click on “I agree”.
  2. Click on ”Next>”

Step 5

  1. Select the target folder, then click on “Next>”.

Step 6

  1. Select the folder of Start-menu. Basically, you can use the default setting without making changes and click on “Next>”.

Step 7

  1. Select the additional tasks, and click on “Next>”.

Step 8

  1. Select “install”, start the installation.

Step 9

  1. After completing the installation, you can edit your homepage.
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