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IP Network Status Query Service

The IP network status query service can be used to inquire into the latest information about the network segments in which a certain IP address on campus is located, such as: whether the domain name system (DNS) is registered, whether the address has been blocked by the Center, the contact details of network segment managers, the traffic between the campus backbone network and the segment, as well as the rankings of servers with higher traffic. The users can explore possible causes of network blockage by viewing the information.

Step 1. Input the IP address

  1. Enter the IP address being queried in the IP status query area on the upper right side of the Network Systems Division's website (as shown below) (when connecting on campus, the system will automatically fill in your connecting source address), then click on “query,” and wait for a few seconds for the results to be displayed.

Step 2. View the Search Results

0. Basic information

  1. Shows the queried IP address.
  2. View the registered name of the DNS (Pointer Records) of the IP address. Inputing names that are not registered will return “Not-Found.”

1. IP address blocked: yes/no?

2. Contact details of network managers

3. List of other blocked IP addresses

4. Traffic between the segment and the campus network

5. Rankings of traffic between the segment and the servers of the Taiwan Academic Network (TANet)