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Can I Recover Deleted Mail?

In principle, mails that were received by an email address hosted by the Center can be recovered through the mail reporter within 1 year of reception. Mails cannot be recovered if they arrived earlier than that time. The recovery method involves logging into the mail reporter and selecting “Resend”; Please refer to the following for details:

Log in to Mail Reporter

There are two ways to log into Mail Reporter :

Method 1 : From the webpage

  • You must use your actual account username and password to log in. A mail alias cannot be used to log in from the webpage. Please use the notification mail to log in.

Step 1

Step 2

  1. Account : Please enter your complete email address. (e.g., username@xx.nthu.edu.tw)
  2. Password : Please enter your email password.
  3. Select “English”.
  4. Click “Login”.

Method 2: From the notification mail

  1. Click the “Here” link at the bottom of the notification mail. (No login information required, but the link is valid for only 3 days.)

Resend Original

  1. Select the date of receipt.
  2. Select the email category (e.g., Valid, Spam).
  3. Select the email to be resent.
  4. Click “Resend” to send the email to the user's inbox.
  • If information such as date received and subject are unknown, you can select the category first (e.g., Valid, Spam) then set a search filter to find the mail; If the search filter is no longer needed, please click “Clear” on the below to avoid affecting subsequent operations.
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